DUAL's great products and superior service help brokers to protect their clients

DUAL does business with over 4,500 brokers and other intermediaries across the world. They benefit from our great products, talented and empowered underwriters and superior service.

We grow businesses through flexible products and responsive service.By listening to your requirements and giving you what you need we add value through dynamic insurance solutions. DUAL offers underwriting expertise to our brokers. But with this expertise we also bring innovative, bespoke products, fast quotation turnaround, white labelling and web-based solutions that together strengthen your offering to your clients.

DUAL bring in-depth product knowledge and a close understanding of local broker and policyholders’ needs in all our territories. We work with our broker partners to build markets and customer loyalty. For us product is more than an underwriting response. DUAL delivers technology, marketing, non-fee income, distribution and service solutions.

We want your business - contact DUAL Marketing for more information and to find out more about how we can enhance your business.